Sep 13, 2017 · Plants rely on both light and carbon dioxide to grow. If shining more light results in faster-growing, less nutritious algae—junk-food algae whose ratio of sugar to nutrients was out of whack ...
Yes, algae will respond to increased light levels. The more light, the more the algae will grow. The conditions inside the terrarium are ideal to support its growth - nutrients with constant high humidity. Your choice of plant, Fittonia, is good since this plant will survive quite happily in low light conditions.
What Type of Algae Can Grow on Trees?. Although algae is usually an aquatic plant, some species are able to get free of the water and grow terrestrially on the bark, stems and leaves of trees.
Corals are dependent on light, because the algae are important partners, and they require light. Corals have evolved structures, often tree-like, which offer the algae maximum access to light. The coral weakens the algal cell walls, and digests about 80% of the food synthesised by the algae.