Feb 20, 2017 · This means they are created and exported like many other things. Second of all, in Drupal 8 we no longer (should) call theme functions like above directly. What we should do is always return render arrays and expect them to be rendered somewhere down the line. This helps with things like caching etc. So to render an image with a particular ...
Overview Drupal 8 core provides for solid REST capabilities out-of-the-box, which is great for integrating with a web service or allowing a third-party application to consume content. However, the REST output provided by Drupal core is in a certain structure that may not necessarily satisfy the requ
Render Arrays. Now, back to the other ways of incorporating JavaScript into your Drupal 8 site — there are several wonderful ones, and a just plain awful and ill-advised one that will henceforth be To add attributes on a script tag you need to add an 'attributes' key to the JSON following the script URL.
Drupal usually expects a render array if you are going to print the link, so the Link object has a method for that which will return an array. Final tips: Searching a route using Drupal Console.